Contact & FAQ

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! The website should guide you through the shipping process when you go to check out with your item. Please contact me if you have any issues with this.

Can you make me a custom rug?

I open commissions for custom rugs approximately once every 3-4 months and accept 10ish orders at a time. Since it's just me right now, I don't have the ability to take on any more than that! Keep an eye out on instagram ( or sign up for our emails (on the bottom of the page) to stay in the loop on openings for custom orders and how to order.

If the textiles aren't machine-washable, how do I clean them?

Due to the adhesive I use to seal the yarn into place, these textiles indeed can't be thrown into the washing machine. But! Since soaking in water is the adhesives only real enemy, feel free to vacuum, spot-clean with mild soap, wipe and dab. Because they are all made with acrylic yarn, they are also stain/liquid resistant and very durable.

I want a piece listed on your website, but it's sold out!

Unfortunately, if the product listing says it's sold out then I'm all out of stock. Some pieces are one-of-a-kind (and will say so in the descriptions), other pieces I'm open to making variations or restocking them if a lot of people seem interested! There is a "Notify at Restock" button on each product page now~ clicking that button is the best way to let me know what you want to see come back! The more interest there is in a design, the more likely it is I'll make more of them <3

For questions regarding shipping or refunds, please refer to the ‘Terms of Service’ link at the bottom of the page. For all other questions, please reach out using the form below: