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Handsome Haus

"Lil Rug" Mounting Add-On

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This item is for purchase only in addition to the purchase of a rug (within the same cart)

With the purchase of some rugs, you can purchase an add-on to turn it into a wall hanging. Your item will come ready-to-go with attachments that allows you to hang it on a wall!

Please add this listing to your cart to notify the seller that you would like hanging attachments sewn on to your piece.

There are 2 different mounting styles based on rug weight that are not interchangeable. If you found this listing by clicking a link in a rug's description, this listing only applies to that specific rug. Refer to the link in each specific product description to add the appropriate Mounting Add-On to your cart.

If a product description does not have a link to a Mounting Add-On, it either can not be turned into a wall hanging due to it's intended purpose or it comes exclusively as a wall hanging already.

Please reach out if you have further questions about what this listing is for!